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-Includes assessing a detailed patient history, and treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We often include a brief massage before or after acupuncture treatments to dredge and open the channels/meridian pathways of qi, which helps relaxation and deepens the treatment effects. We may also combine acupuncture with tuina, cupping, moxibustion, e-stim (electrical stimulation), or ear seeds, and we may make herbal recommendations and suggestions for follow-up care.

Acupuncture Combo

This popular duo combines the best of Acupuncture with massage and is a great way to maximize your healing in a session. Especially good for those that may be anxious about needling.



Acupuncture and herbs are an effective alternative treatment to help in recovery from drug addiction or substance abuse.

5 Ear points are used in this amazingly simple support for your addiction recovery. Quit smoking or help to get free of using  excessive medication with Acu-detox protocol.


Massage Therapy

May opt to include Aromatherapy and Energy Balancing – similar to Reiki healing.

We respect that acupuncture may not be your cup of tea, so we offer other modalities of healing  such as Massage, Energy work, Movement-meditation, or herbal therapy.

Therapeutic Massage

– A variation of basic Swedish Massage with some Asian Body Work and gentle Energy Balancing.

Gentle kneading, long soothing effleurage strokes, some tapotement to stimulate healthy nerves. Relaxing the body, mind, and spirit can open the meridian pathways, increase circulation, and benefit overall health.

This may leave you feeling nurtured and de-stressed so you can be more present and whole for other parts of your life.


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

A vigorous massage working deeper to address tendons, connective tissue, and joints. This type of Deep Tissue therapy combines elements of western and eastern massage. Body work therapies help to re-balance and ease away pain and stress. This can help to greatly restore better function and movement to the whole body.

Chinese Herbs

This may include Patented Formula tea pills, powders, topicals and tinctures.

These help carry over effect of Acupuncture between treatments or can function independently of other treatments as its own form of herbal therapy.


Breath, stretch, movement alignment, and flexibility are enhanced.

Meditation can connect higher up and turn stress down.


Qi Gong-Dance

Dance-like sequences of movement. These lovely freeing movements  may be done seated or standing.

Qi Gong can open the energy pathways to restore balance of  body, mind, and spirit.


Energy Balancing and Medical Qi Gong

This is a subtle aura cleansing that is non-invasive, soothing, and clears the meridian pathways.

This can help restore emotional balance and radiance. It generates a greater flow of qi, which helps circulation and feels very peaceful.


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