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Testimonial from Sally P.

When i first went to Jagjit (JK) Khalsa I was desperate for relief from pain.I had had surgery on my foot in March.

It continued to be swollen and painful for months.”It takes time” the doctor said.

“Your foot will be painful as long as it is swollen,”the physical therapist said.I could barely make it across the street from my car to JK’s office because my foot hurt so much.

I went in and met a kind and  professional lady with impressive training and credentials.

After a thorough intake procedure and lengthy discussion, JK did what I termed her “cactus act”with acupuncture.

After some time the needles were removed and I got off the table.I gently put my foot down. No pain! I thought,”Well,it’s probably self-suggestion.

My foot will really be hurting by the time I walk back to my car.” Not so. No pain.When I got in the car I thought,

“This won’t last.By the time I get to my garage, the pain will be back.” Not so. I have experienced no pain in my foot from the first treatment with JK.

Acupuncture from JK Khalsa,LAc,LMT worked for me.

Testimonial From Dr Judy M.

Dr. Jagjit is a true healer…it is who she is.  You are lucky to have found her.

Dr.Judy McC, Kona, Hawaii

Testimonial from Judy A.

I’ve been coming to Jagjit for several years and receiving body work. As an active Wife, Mother, Business Owner and Athlete, I often don’t take the time to relax and listen to my own body’s needs.

The Harmony and Health studio in downtown Georgetown has become my little Oasis.

Jagjit is true healer. The experience is oh so peaceful…

Judy A.

Georgetown, TX

Testimonial From Evelyn E.

JK has been my masseuse/acupuncturist for over 10 years now.  Its been awesome to see how she has improved over time.  I go twice a month to Georgetown from Buda. I used to do massage only, but now I do both.  It really makes a difference.  I feel more grounded spiritually and emotionally.  She is so worth it!

I highly recommend her!

Evelyn E


Testimonial From KB

Jagjit has such healing hands.  She is very knowledgeable on many different techniques and knows exactly which one to use each time.

I really feel nurtured after a healing treatment with her.

KB, Austin

Testimonial from Georgia L.

JK is vastly knowledgeable and has an incredible instinct for healing. I’ve had a lot of fun learning from her about so many ancient and natural remedies for various ailments. Her intake forms and discussions are very thorough, and she talks me through what she’s doing and why – something I’ve always wanted from healthcare professionals. The treatments themselves are calming, peaceful, and effective, despite my needle phobia; she is gentle and listens to my needs.

JK has a nurturing soul and I’m glad to call her, not only a healthcare provider, but also a friend.

~ Georgia


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