Massage Therapy/Body Work Types available:

Therapeutic – Basic Swedish Massage with some Aromatherapy oils to adjust your vibrational frequency of healing. Gentle Effleurage, some Skin Rolling and Kneading, stretching, and guided breath.
Deep Tissue or Sports Massage –
  “Tuina”- the orthopedic branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine – tailored to suit each person’s healing needs. Deep work between muscle fibers and tendons, around joints and connective tissue, stretching, and guided breath.
Energy Balancing, Medical Qi Gong –
Meridian and Aura Clearing techniques. No tissue manipulation, non invasive, calming, blessing, with guided breath, visualization, and optional aromatherapy.

Massage and body work can help to relieve joint and muscle pain, while increasing flexibility, circulation, and range of motion. Receiving a quality healing touch can quickly and effectively calm the emotions, and ease away stresses that lead to declines in health.

The styles offered have options for Aromatherapy, and may combine elements of other styles if requested or as deemed appropriate at no extra charge! Aromatherapy, guided visualization, and breathing techniques from yoga are often taught in sessions. We are also knowledgeable in Chinese Herbal Medicine and may suggest various herbal formulations to assist your health.

JK Khalsa, LAc, LMT offers more than  regular Massage or Acupuncture as she masterfully blends her years of study and experience with a natural gift for nurturing and healing. Her healing styles may draw from Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Native American healing, and her intuitive connection with other dimensions of healing. Her philosophy is based on universal love and compassion for all regardless of race or religion.

JK wishes to help access the purity within each person she works with, in order to free body-wisdom that may be dormant or need “rewiring”. She can offer candid observations of issues as she perceives them; she goes deep into your psyche to bring light and love into the darkest corners of your being. Diksha Pure Light Blessing and Satnam Rasayan both allow transmission of sacred healing  from a deeply devotional aspect.

She can help iron out the stress, aches, and pains so that you can feel “normal” again. Her aim is to inspire your healing and wholeness. This is not just a “fluff and buff massage” or insensitive  acupuncture!

We always use appropriate draping techniques. Sessions are 1 or 1.5 hours.


Regular Therapeutic Massage     $80.00/hour
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage        $90.00/hour
Additional 1/2 hour                             $45.00

Massage Therapy – $10.00 off  –  mention our Internet Special Discount

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