Herbs and Herbal Remedies

We are knowledgeable in Chinese Herbal Medicine and may suggest various herbal formulations to assist your health.

We tailor the treatments to each individual – taking into account long and short term goals and lifestyle habits. Each person’s health is unique and results may vary. Many health conditions have developed over long periods of time. Your concerns may take more or less time to experience results, depending on each case. We can work in conjunction with your western medical care.

We look forward to serving your health needs. The strength of our business is that we are kind, caring, highly trained, and licensed for Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Massage Therapy. We offer competent, compassionate, and drug- free alternative health care.

About Herbs: Jagjit Khalsa LAc, LMT Text or Call: 512-921-9899 Email: qitogo4u@gmail.com

Chinese Herbs are prescribed to use between treatments and can assist to rectify and alleviate conditions that have been diagnosed by your licensed acupuncturist.

Please be aware that they are food grade and not as strong as prescription drugs. The effects are more gradual in restoring harmony and balance.

When taking herbs you may notice the following: looser bowl movements, increased urination, better sleep, better bowel function, less visits to the bathroom, especially at night, more energy, and general sense of well being

If you have any adverse reactions, that you attribute to your treatment or herbs, let me know and stop taking the herbs.

If you are concerns about drug and herb interactions, please let your licensed acupuncturist know all Rx’s you are taking, both over the counter and prescriptions.

There are possible interactions, so take herbs 2hrs apart from any Rx, and 1/2hr after meals if stomach is sensitive.

We may adjust your prescription or dosage as your symptoms shift.

Herbal Formulas (prices vary) – $8.00-$42.00


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